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What Drives Narcissists to Cheat

What Drives Narcissists to Cheat

Every person is unique because of his or her own particular make-up and characteristics. Narcissists, then, come in as many varieties as any other group of people. What else might possibly explain the infidelity of narcissists? They have an inflated sense of superiority and no compassion for those in need. And for a variety of mental reasons, people frequently deceive one another. It involves wanting to be noticed, passing judgment, lying, boosting one’s self-esteem, satisfying one’s sexual urges, or demeaning one’s peers. They might also deceive in order to exact revenge on others or to alleviate the boredom or dismay that pervades their interactions with others.Narcissists tend to cheat because they are always looking for new and exciting ways to fill their well of egocentric energy. It means getting the kind of attention and regard they deserve. If they are bored or unsatisfied in their current relationship, they may look for someone who may make them feel special again.A person may play a hoax to get back at their partner for not catering to their every whim or helping them run away from their problems. These individuals may engage in extramarital affairs or look for admiring suitors.Narcissists often resort to infidelity when their partners or themselves fail to meet their insatiable need for attention. It’s possible they’ll do or say anything they want, regardless of the consequences or the feelings of those around them. These people have egos that are fragile and easily bolstered by external factors, and they desire to boost them.In addition, they may look for allies who may boost their status, wealth, power, or physical attributes. It gives the impression that they are flawless. It’s a chance to flaunt their power, charisma, and success, xavierbro.Narcissists are confused people who enjoy fantasies and who only ever see themselves as perfect. They might daydream of a soul mate who will always understand them and cater to their every whim without ever displeasing or blaming them.People with this outlook might xavierbro themselves as invincible and well-off. These aspirations thrill and satisfy them, therefore they desire to pursue them.

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